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Cookie Policy


“(Per Article 13 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree no. 196/03) for the use of cookies) This “full-length privacy policy” is provided by the website, hereinafter referred to simply as the “SITE “, in compliance with Provision 229 of 8 May 2014 issued by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data and relating to the transposition and implementation of EU Directive 2009/136/EC regarding the protection of privacy for website users.


The SITE uses cookies, and/or equivalent technologies, to ensure the correct functioning of procedures, to render its services simple and efficient for users who view the SITE’s pages and to improve the experience of using online applications. This document is intended to provide detailed information on the use of cookies and/or other similar technologies that may be adopted and how the user can manage them.


Cookies are small text files that are saved in the browser’s directories by the websites the user visits. They contain minimum quantities of information and/or instructions for the SITE, which are searched and consulted at each access by the user.


Cookies perform various functions on the SITE: they allow smoother browsing between pages, they memorise the user’s preferences and they ensure the SITE’s optimal usability. Cookies allow you to interact with the SITE in a simpler and faster way. Some of these cookies are not strictly necessary for the SITE’s functioning but let us understand which SITE areas are visited plus obtain other statistical data that lets us improve our services. There are various types of cookies that monitor and store different activities. For simplicity’s sake, we divided them as follows so that you can decide if and how to authorise their installation:
  • Technical cookies: they are mostly essential for browsing and basic functions. They improve the SITE’s functionality by storing your preferences in relation to and limited to the user’s use of the SITE.
  • Third-party cookies – analysis and optimisation: these cookies are installed on the user’s computer by external site managers through the SITE and enable user behaviour analysis within the SITE. These are the classic statistical services that allow us to understand which pages are visited, the time spent there, the origin and so on.
  • Third-party cookies – marketing profiling: these cookies are installed on the user’s computer by third-party site managers through the SITE with the aim of profiling the user for promotional purposes to offer them targeted advertising.
  • Third-party cookies – social networks: social networks install cookies on the user’s computer through the voting and/or sharing buttons and/or other plugins that could be installed on the SITE. The purposes are the same as in the previous points: technical needs, analysis and profiling.
We also specify that we assimilate the following cookies to “Third-party cookies – social networks”:
  • Youtube cookies: any SITE pages that incorporate Youtube videos could be used by Youtube to install its cookies. The SITE has no control over these cookies. To find out more, check the Youtube information page on the videos embedded in the Web pages.
  • Adobe Flash Player cookies: Adobe Flash Player may also store information on your device. These cookies cannot be controlled via a browser. Some web browser manufacturers are developing solutions that let you control these through your browser, but currently, if you want to restrict or block Flash cookies, then you must do this via the Adobe website.
Please find below details of the cookies used and/or usable by the SITE:
categoria cookie utilizza da finalità
1-tecnici _icl_current_language sito settaggio lingua
1-tecnici _icl_visitor_lang_js sito settaggio lingua
1-tecnici _wp_session sito gestione sessione
1-tecnici PHPSESSID sito gestione sessione
1-tecnici wp-settings-1 sito gestione sessione
1-tecnici wp-settings-time-1 sito gestione sessione
1-tecnici wpca_show sito gestione cookie
1-tecnici wpca_saved sito gestione cookie
1-tecnici wpca_category sito gestione cookie
1-tecnici wpca_category_tmp sito gestione cookie
1-tecnici wpca_bar sito gestione cookie
1-tecnici wpca_1st_visit sito gestione cookie
2-analisi __utma analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmb analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmc analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmt analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmv analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmx analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmxx analisi/analitics
2-analisi __utmz analisi/analitics
2-analisi _ga analisi/analitics
2-analisi _gat analisi/analitics
2-analisi NID analisi/maps
2-analisi PREF analisi/maps
3-marketing APISID marketing
3-marketing APISID marketing
3-marketing demographics marketing
3-marketing HSID marketing
3-marketing HSID marketing
3-marketing LOGIN_INFO marketing
3-marketing NID marketing
3-marketing PREF marketing
3-marketing PREF marketing
3-marketing SAPISID marketing
3-marketing SAPISID marketing
3-marketing SID marketing
3-marketing SID marketing
3-marketing SSID marketing
3-marketing SSID marketing
3-marketing VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE marketing
3-marketing YSC marketing
4-social _qca profilazione social
4-social _qca profilazione social
4-social bcookie profilazione social
4-social c_user profilazione social
4-social csm profilazione social
4-social datr profilazione social
4-social fr profilazione social
4-social guest_id profilazione social
4-social locale profilazione social
4-social lu profilazione social
4-social OTZ profilazione social
4-social pid profilazione social
4-social remember_checked profilazione social
4-social remember_checked_on profilazione social
4-social s profilazione social
4-social twll profilazione social
4-social xs profilazione social


“By browsing the SITE you express your implicit acceptance of the SITE’s cookies on your computer. If you do not want the SITE to install cookies, profiling, technical or third-party ones, you can click on the reject button or you can [wpca_btn_cookiesettings] If you want to know and manage all the profiling cookies active on your computer in detail, regardless of those installed by this SITE, you can visit this link:”


You can change the SITE settings for third-party cookies directly from your web browser. For the necessary information, check out the official websites and for your convenience, we have indicated the links to follow.




This page is reachable through the link at the bottom of all Site pages in accordance with Article 122, Paragraph 2 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and according to the simplified arrangements on informing subjects and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette, issue No. 126 of 3 June 2014 and the relevant register of provisions in issue No. 229 of 8 May 2014.