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cabine armadio milano - gf interiors system by guzzini e fontana


the excellence of Made in Italy in the customization of walkin closet:

Custom built walk in closets
Luxury freestanding wardrobes


GF Interior System, ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, with its creations with an unmistakable modern design, brings a new concept of handcrafted modularity into homes, giving life to real wardrobe management systems.


Luca Guzzini and Gary Fontana, appreciated and well-known interpreters of that Italian excellence that has been handed down from generation to generation, with GF Interior System innovate the concept of modularity in the panorama of modern and exclusive modular wardrobes and luxury bespoke fitted walkin closets.


Wardrobes and walk-in closets can be customised in every single detail: from the number, type and arrangement of the internal elements, to the type of doors to reach the important availability of coatings capable of unleashing those tactile sensations that make the use of a wardrobe a unique and pleasant experience.

Contemporary Reveries

In a glamorous environment with classic tones and dark boiseries and natural wood flooring, we have inserted the complete Stage collection, glossy Gray LV lacquered with details in Termocotto Oak.


Flat glossy brushed wardrobe LV Gray with Hollow recessed handles and matching back. Structure in Lino finish with glass back and chest of drawers in Thermocotto Oak veneer.


The Stage model by GF Interior Systems is a contemporary classic, a meeting of materials that are expressed in a simple and sometimes contradictory way, creating a taste that lives in the environments, defining them outside of time.


The glossy lacquered flat door with Hollow handle marks a configuration of wardrobes with an intermediate passage from the external sides veneered in Thermocotto Oak.

Continuity of Space

The Never-Stop walk-in closet environment is a simple system to make the most of space in an elegant and simple way.

Luminous shelves in aluminum and glass, Absolute Titanium finish. Drawer and trouser holder in Canaletto Walnut with shirt holder on top, drawers in vintage eco-leather.

Packet opening of the Secret-Door. Two doors fold up to create an opening to another room.

Almond finishes for the Never-Stop walk-in closet with countertop drawer units, inclined shelves with aluminum profile and heel stop, line of shelves with recessed luminous profile.

Wooden Touch

The unconventional lifestyle of the bohemian city finds practical expression in an environment made of quality materials and play of shapes.


Groove is the most Pop model of the G&F collection while maintaining elegance and essentiality in the shapes.

Loft Feeling

Opaque dark gray and exotic wood details are the dominant colors and essences of the environment with a metropolitan design, an always trendy urban chic style.

Internal customizations consisting of various accessories, such as: drawer units, fully extractable trouser hanger and inclined shoe rack shelves equipped with heel stop bars and non-slip closing profile.

The black anodized aluminum frame doors and extra clear glass in the cabinet showcase leave the interiors with hanging tubes and shelves visible.

All the elements of various depths are designed to create movement and harmony in the wardrobe.

The hinged wardrobe
Shadow-Box has a structure veneered in Canaletto Walnut that recalls the finish of the other elements present in the environment.

Soft, warm lines, wood essences and elegant serigraphs on glass are the leitmotif of this collection.

The doors of the Bebop coplanar wardrobe are in Titan WH matt lacquer finish and recessed handle with Canaletto Walnut bottom.

In the Groove tall units the feet are in black metal. The lacquered sides are integrated into the structure of the septet.

Bossa model container bed in fabric with removable cushions.

In the make-up console, the lacquered top rests on the Canaletto Walnut veneered sides, the long mirror leaves room for the glass shelves laterally. The side houses a full-height LED profile.


The wardrobe is the undisputed guardian of emotions and memories. The wedding dress is often stored here, and mothers keep their children’s first clothes in the wardrobe.

The walk-in closet houses the items of clothing that we present ourselves to the world, the jewellery case and much more. You don’t use a walk-in closet: you live it, which is why GF Interior Systems has made research its strong point.

Search for unique materials that blend tactile and visual sensations. Research into the creation of capable and efficient internal modules. Research into production processes and the best suppliers.


GF Interior System is craftsmanship handed down generation after generation at the service of research to create the best guardian of your emotions and memories.